The newest taste sensation to hit Australian shores - delicious Black Garlic!

Black garlic is whole-bulb garlic that has been specially prepared and carefully fermented
under closely monitored conditions. Perfectly balanced temperature and humidity are
needed, followed by a set drying period for the garlic to develop the fantastic flavour
and colour that gives Black Garlic its name.

The fermentation process affects the natural sugars and amino acids in the garlic,
producing the dark-coloured “melanoidin” responsible for the black appearance
of the cloves. The flavour and texture are also affected - with the cloves softening
to a chewy consistency whilst the flavour is caramelised - sweeter, smoother and
milder than raw garlic. People who like garlic, simply adore Black Garlic;
people who don’t normally like garlic, find they do like Black Garlic!

In terms of health benefits, most people are aware that garlic is generally
good for you,but did you know Black Garlic has double the antioxidants
of raw garlic? Indeed, the ancient Chinese called it “The Bulb of Immortality”.
Dr Oz, the famous celebrity doctor has endorsed Black Garlic for strengthening
and restoring damaged skin. It is also high in the cancer-preventing compound
s-allycysteine and good for blood circulation. More information can be found on the internet.



Common ways of eating Black Garlic include adding cloves to a mezze plate or platter of hors d’oeuvres;
adding a spoonful of Black Garlic paste to a stir-fry, curry, risotto or pasta dish;
mincing it and spreading it as a paste on meat or vegetables;
spreading over a slice of fresh or toasted bread;
or any other way you would normally use regular garlic.

For inspiration and further examples see below.

At Barrington River Organic Farm, we grow and prepare a limited supply of Certified Organic (Biodynamic) hand-harvested garlic. Occasionally we make a small amount of Black Garlic from our seasonal harvest – but this is not always available..



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